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Civil Requirements


Church documents: (The same for all nationalities)

1. Pre-Nuptual Inquiry Forms (to be completed by one of the priests of your Parish)

2. Baptismal Certificate (Must be new, issued no earlier than six months previous to the wedding)

3. Confirmation Certificate 4. Letter of Freedom

5. Dispensation from any impediments to the marriage (Only if required)

6. When all of the above mentioned documents have been prepared, the priest of your parish should send them to the Bishop of your diocese with a request that a Testimonial Letter be granted for the celebration of the marriage in Rome. The documents should be then forwarded directly to this church from the Bishop’s office.

NOTE: It is important that you make a donation to the parish and to the diocese to cover the cost of preparing and mailing your documents.


Special Circumstances:

You should inform the priest who prepares your documents about any special circumstances which might have a bearing on your marriage.This information is strictly confidential and is not intended to embarrass you, but rather to give the Church the opportunity to help you and to do everything possible to foster the stability of your marriage.


Civil Requirements For British Nationals:

Full Details available:

Where both parties are resident in the U.K. they are required to apply to the Superintending Registrar in the district where they reside for a CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT. This document should then be mailed to the Vice Consul, British Embassy,Via XX Settembre 80A, 00187 Roma, Italia, with photocopies of your PASSPORTS showing the number, your photograph, and the date and place of issue.

You should also send copies of your BIRTH CERTIFICATES (the full version, showing the names of your parents). Photocopies of your BIRTH CERTIFICATES are not accepted. Please include a Eurocheque from your bank to cover the consular fees. Personal cheques are not acceptable. Fees are subject to change. The consular staff will advise you on the current cost of your documents. TheVice Consul will then issue a CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT for both parties to the marriage and advise us that the documents are ready for collection.

The telephone number of the British Embassy in Rome is: 00 39 06 4220 0001

Note: A British national who is marrying an Irish citizen must first contact Nationality and Passports Section of the Consular Division for guidance. Address: Old Admiralty Building, London SW1A 2AF.Tel: (44) 207 008 0186.

Civil Requirements For Irish Nationals:

Irish citizens residing in Ireland must apply to the Consular Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs for a CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT (also known as a Nulla Osta). The Department will send the appropriate application forms, which should be completed and returned ten weeks or so prior to the date of the marriage in Rome. The document will then be issued by the Irish Embassy in Rome to the priest who is to perform the ceremony.

Consular services are provided in Dublin and Cork at the following addresses:

  1. Consular Services, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin 2.Tel: (01) 478 – 0822
  2. Consular Services, Department of Foreign Affairs, 1A South Mall, Cork.Tel: (021) 494 – 4763 / (021) 494 – 4765

Applicants who reside in Counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Kilkenny and Waterford should apply to the Cork office.

Irish citizens who live abroad should apply for this document through the Irish Embassy in the country where they reside.

The application form for a CIVIL CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT requests information about the name and address of the priest who is to perform the ceremony.

In answer to this question, simply write: “The Rector, Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite. ”The application form also requires information about the registry office where your marriage will be registered. “Rome” is the answer.

Civil Requirements For All Other Nationals:

A CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT (also called a CIVIL NULLA OSTA) is required for all foreign nationals who wish to marry in Italy.The Foreign Ministry of your country or your country’s embassy in Rome will best advise you on how to apply for this document.

IMPORTANT: When completing the application forms for a Civil Certificate of no Impediment please write the information requested in block letters so that your replies to the questions are legible. Your name and surname should correspond to what is on your birth certificate.
In order to avoid confusion you must give what is on the official record. Example: If your name is registered as John O’Brien, and you are known to your family and friends as Sean – you must still write John O’Brien, but you may add in brackets (also known as Sean O’Brien). Confusion over names causes us enormous headaches on this side, and it takes a court order to change the marriage record. Help us to avoid the headaches by getting it right first time!