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Preparations – What you might need


Dressing for your Wedding:
When you are choosing the clothing which you or your witnesses will wear during the wedding ceremony, you should bear in mind that you are expected to dress modestly. Dresses, which are low-cut at the front and the back, are not considered appropriate. Guests who are travelling with you should also be informed of this requirement.

Italians dress conservatively in church.The golden rule is, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We ask you to keep in mind that you are dressing to receive a Sacrament, and that clothing which is too skimpy or revealing is not suitable in such a sacred setting. Please show all due respect for Church regulations in this matter.

Guests who show up inappropriately dressed will be asked to wear a light wrap before entering the church.

Behaviour in Church:

Please share this information with your guests:Your behaviour in church may be relaxed, but it should never be casual or irreverent. The church is primarily a place of prayer. There are a few things to remember:

• Guests are encouraged to congregate in the courtyard before and after the wedding in order to avoid distress to the people who have come to pray.
• Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the church.
• It is forbidden to chew gum in church. Above all, do not approach the altar to receive Communion with chewing gum in your mouth.
• Alcohol should not be consumed before the ceremony.

(A valid marriage cannot be contracted under the influence of alcohol, apart altogether from the unfavourable impression it creates.There is a strong social taboo attached to the abuse of alcohol in Italy.)



The Church offering and State fees amount to €500. This includes a non-refundable deposit of €100 which should be sent to us with the enclosed confirmation slip which you are required to sign and return within one calendar month of the date on which this information was mailed to you.Your wedding will then be reserved for the date and time you requested. Payment of the deposit may be made by personal cheque or bank draft, made payable to SAN SILVESTRO IN CAPITE. The remaining sum €400 is payable at your convenience when you come for your wedding.

Photographic Services:
San Silvestro Photographer, Stefania. Her website is: (Email:

Guests are not permitted to take photographs during the ceremony in order to protect the sacredness of the occasion.They may, however, take photographs as the bride is entering the church and during the signing of the marriage register.

Music Services:
Only sacred music is permitted during the ceremony. The following range of music services are available: The Organist plays the traditional classical pieces associated with weddings. There is an extra charge due for delayed ceremonies or other special circumstances.You are free to invite your own organist or musicians.

If you wish to order flowers for your wedding, please let us know. We can facilitate your requirements through the florist, Andrea Laghi (e -mail: ) who is very close to San Silvestro.

We will provide you with the names and addresses of reputable hairdressers who charge reasonable rates.

Papal Blessing: 
If you wish to request a Papal Blessing we can petition it on your behalf. There is a cost involved.

Papal Audience Tickets:
The Pope holds a general audience every Wednesday. If you would like to attend, please let us know. We can also provide tickets for any family members who may wish to attend the audience.There is no charge for the tickets.

Wedding Booklets:
It is not necessary to print a booklet for your wedding, but you may do so If you wish. If you choose to print a wedding booklet be careful to use ONLY officially approved texts of the readings and the rite of marriage. Proofread the text and send us a copy for approval before you go to print. This can be done by email. (Be careful about copying wedding booklets of friends; some of them may have serious errors which you may risk copying.)

Please inform your guests that throwing confetti is not permitted in the church grounds for the practical reason that it makes a mess and it is a nuisance to clean up.

Transport for your Wedding:
This is a service where overcharging is very common. Please be advised on the danger of being cheated.We can assist you with your transportation requirements, if you so wish. The following services are available on request:

Wedding Car (Mercedes)

This includes taking the bride to the church, accompanying the bride and groom to the historical sites for photographs after the ceremony and back to the hotel or to the reception.

Payment is made to the driver on completion of the service.

The contact for the transport is:

Visiting us before your Wedding:
You are expected to visit us a day or two before your wedding to make the final arrangements and to talk over the details of the ceremony with the priest who will officiate at your wedding.This meeting takes the place of a rehearsal. Please call us to make an appointment before you travel to Rome.


If you decide to cancel your wedding please inform us immediately. A phone call should be followed by written confirmation of your decision. It is our policy to acknowledge all cancellations.This basic courtesy on your part will save us time and enable us to offer the date to others who may wish to marry in Rome.