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Ceiling and Nave: The Assumption of the Madonna, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Silvestro, Angels and Saints, is by Giacinto Brandi.
First Chapel on Right: Over the altar: Madonna and Child; right: St. Anthony; left: S1. Stephen. All paintings are by Giuseppe Chiari.
Second Chapel on Right: Over the altar: S1. Francis by Orazio Gentileschi; right: S1. Francis renounces his possessions; left: St. Francis preaching. Both are by Luigi Garzi.
Third Chapel on Right: Over the altar: the «Madonna del Cenacolo» by Giuseppe Ghezzi; right: St. John baptizing; left: the Baptism of Christ; lunette above: Paul 1 inspired to build San Silvestro. All paintings are by Ghezzi.
Right Arm Transept: Altar designed by Carlo Mademo. Paintings by Baccio Ciarpi. The frescoes on the ceiling are by Ludovico Gimignani.

The Cupola: Designed by Francesco da Volterra. Frescoes are by Cristofaro Roncalli (Pomarancio).
Apse: It is probable that Michelangelo played a large part in the designing of the high altar. Canvasses on the sides are attributed to Orazio Borgianni. Over the altar: the Baptism of Constantine is by Ludovico Gimignani.
Left Arm of Transept: Over the Altar: Madonna and Child by Terenzio da Urbina. Left and Right: paintings of St. Tarcisius and Pope Leo III by Vincenzo Monti. On the ceiling: frescoes by Gimignani.
Third Chapel on Left: Over the altar: Immaculate Conception by Ludovico Gimignani. The frescoes on the side walls are the work of Pier Francesco Mazzucchelii (Morazzone) – the only example of his work in Rome.
Second Chapel on Left: Entirely decorated by Ludovico Gimignani.
First Chapel on Left: The Crucifixion» and motifs arc by Francesco Trevisani.